By the Campfire

Today started off with bright blue skies so Michelle and I decided to venture out into some of the other campgrounds to see how they fare against the ones we were at this year. As we finished the tour the sky started getting dark. We had to pop by the admin building and once there we were told to seek cover as we were under a Tornado Watch. What? That’s right I’m in a tent and a possible tornado may be forming somewhere near. Michelle and I headed straight to the comfort station to take cover until the bulk of the storm passed. It was a wild 20 minutes while 70km winds caused tall pines to sway side-to-side. It was amazing and luckily short-lived.

That evening we had clear-ish skies so we had a large fire to celebrate surviving the storm (okay, not really, since we would have had one anyway).

By the Fire

By the Fire

The photo above is a long exposure of us by the campfire. I’m the one walking around with smiley face blinkies on my head which is what all those yellow lights are in the photo.

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