First Night at Presqu’ile

After settling in at our campsite this afternoon Michelle and I made plans to head out to the lighthouse to figure out how long it would take to drive there in preparation of a sunrise shoot the next day. We arrived at the lighthouse in time to enjoy the beautiful light in the soon to be night sky.

Presqu'ile Lighthouse

Presqu’ile Lighthouse

There are very few views that one can get of the lighthouse so tomorrow morning would yield similar shots so I would need to be creative. Michelle and I decided to explore the area around the lighthouse while we were there. There is a store and interpretive centre here attached to the original lighthouse keeper’s cottage. The centre offered more views of the coloured sky.

Parked by the Lake

Parked by the Lake

Apparently this bike’s owner was so enthralled he or she forgot all about their bike. As we drove around the loop on our way back we accidentally ended up going around the loop a second time. Which turned out to be good for us as a fox crossed our path. It has been many years since I’ve seen one and this one stopped and turned toward us giving us a great look before he bounded off into the forest. Once we got ourselves out of the loop we found a little lookout point just outside the campground entrance.

Marsh at Sunset

Marsh at Sunset

Michelle and I got attacked by the mosquitos here so we decided to get our butts back to the campsite and start a campfire. We had an early evening tonight as we were getting up before sunrise to head back to the lighthouse for another round.

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