Whose Afraid of a little Stick?

We took our time getting our butts out of bed this morning but we finally did. As we finished up our yummy omelettes with spinach and goat cheese I happened to come across a Dog-day cicada that was looking a little beat up.  It had landed on the tarp over our tent so I decided to place it in a more natural environment.

Dog-day Cicada

Dog-day Cicada

It wasn’t long before this little guy disappeared – I guess he still had some life left in him. Today’s plane was to head to the beach to get in some sun – that is if the sun decided to make an appearance today. Clouds loomed overhead with the promise of rain but we were able to get a few hours of beach time before rain began to fall.



Back at the campsite we prepared dinner and another campfire. We planned to make those nachos again as a late snack and when I went to get the ingredients in the dark with only my flashlight I came across a weird and not so little insect – a walking stick. I had never seen one before and trying to get a photo in the dark was not going to happen. I was lucky enough to find another two the next day – one on our tent flap and another had decided to hang out on my chair. After moving the one form my chair to a nearby tree I pulled out the camera to try to get a shot.


Walking stick

I was so happy to have seen not one but three walking sticks this weekend. It seems to be my year for insects. 🙂


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