Trakošcan Castle

Today my cousins took me to Trakošcan castle, which is a couple hours from where I’m staying. Walking from the parking lot the castle sits atop a mountain; a white summer home to those that once lived here.

Castle on a hill

Castle on a hill

The weaving path took us up to the walls of the castle and soon we were discovering the treasures it held. Wandering in and out of the rooms took us through all the different periods of history in all its glory.

Shorts Knights

Short Knights

After exploring the castle inside and out we headed to the lake below. We wandered its path to a little area that allowed us to have a picnic in the castle’s shadow.

The Castle's Reflection

The Castle’s Reflection

We continued around the lake before finally coming to its end by a floating bar where we partook in some libation. All to soon we were back on the road heading to our next destination – Varaždin.

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  1. DaveHook September 28, 2013 at 09:31 #

    I really like the reflection shot

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