The Ravaging Ice Storm

We had an amazing ice storm yesterday which left everything covered in a least an inch of ice. It was really tough on the trees as weaker branches broke under its weight causing power outages among many cities in the GTA as these branches fell across power lines. I was hard pressed to find any tree in our neighbourhood that wasn’t affected in one way or another. As the city reels from the damage and others try to stay warm in the plummeting temperatures I decided to venture out on the streets with the yak tracks firmly in place to photograph what was going on in my neighbourhood.

Iced Berry

Iced Berry

Luckily in our area of Mississauga our power lines are buried beneath our feet and so we still had warm homes to come back to. The ice formations were quite unique – the above photo shows how the ice formed like a very large frozen drip off the berry. Wandering down the street and around the corner I had many obstacles to manoeuvre around – mainly branches from bushes or trees that had fallen across the sidewalk. My main photographic goal was the creek located behind my neighbours homes. My backyard doesn’t attach directly to the creek but my neighbour’s does so that means I have to walk around the long way to get to it.



Nothing sticking out of the snow escaped the ice, even the little plants were drooping under the weight of it. This one was completely covered from head to toe in a couple centimetres of ice.

Winter's Touch

Winter’s Touch

Mother Nature was not sparing anything that had no means of escaping it. Winter is definitely upon us with arctic air and frozen water invading our lives just in time for the holidays.


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