The Cold North

I had decided to take today off and get out to shoot some winter photography with my friend Nigel. Well, temps decided to plummet today but Nigel and I still ventured out. Our goal was to start at Island Lake in Orangeville but when we drove up and found out that it would cost us money to get in we decided to turn around. Not because it cost money but because we wouldn’t last more than a few minutes before leaving because there was no way we were getting out into that cold. Ya, I know, I sound wimpy but it was below 20C. That’s pretty darn cold.

So we moved on from Island Lake and decided to drive the side roads and see what we could find that could be shot from the car window or even shots we could jump out of the car quickly and then jump back in a minute or two later. In the end I got this one shot:

20 Below

20 Below

Yup that’s it, one shot. Well, actually I got maybe about ten shots but this was the only one worth processing. It was not the day to be out shooting. So ends day two.

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