The Foggy Days of Winter

As the days of our frigid winter slowly progress a mid season warm up took us by surprise and brought us a foggy day. My friend Nigel and I went out on the hunt to find some great fog subjects and maybe an owl as well. It started out with a trip out towards the Kitchener area where the fog seemed to fluctuate in its thickness.

The Ghostly Forest

The Ghostly Forest

The start of the day had us navigating through dense fog as you can see by this forest that stood by the roadside. As the morning progressed the fog would occasionally lift slightly allowing us some better views of where we were.

Winter's Fog

Winter’s Fog

As we drove around the side roads our hope was to spot a snowy owl somewhere along the way but alas no owl was out in the drizzly foggy conditions. Us humans however, seemed to disregard the weather and brave the wet conditions.

On the Lake

On the Lake

After spending some hours out in the fog we meandered our way back to the main roads and home.

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