Sherman & Tiffany

With the spring melt now here it was time to check out a couple of waterfalls in the Hamilton region. My first stop was Sherman Falls, an old favourite of mine. It has water flowing all year so I didn’t expect too much of a difference from my summer shot other than the ice you can see along the edges of the falls.

Sherman Falls

Sherman Falls

My main reason to come down this was was to see Tiffany Falls. During the summer and fall months this waterfall is more of a trickle rather than a falls. So, I was pleasantly surprised to find a large flow coming over the edge.

Tiffany Falls

Tiffany Falls

It was so strong that even though I stood quite far from the falls me and my gear got thoroughly wet. I had one last stop in mind before calling it quits for the day – Borer’s Falls.

Borer's Falls

Borer’s Falls

This is another waterfall that doesn’t have the best flow in summer but it was showing its potential today. With a partial ice cone surrounding it the water thundered down in the river below. This is one I wished I would get closer to. Maybe a hike for another day.

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