Pretty Little Flowers

Back in the garden again today. I just can’t help myself but when spring arrives and all the trees are in bloom along with the spring flowers making their appearance it’s just so hard not to get out and photograph.

Pear Bloom

Pear Bloom

It doesn’t matter how many times I do this each year I still want more the next year.


Grape Hyacinth

One of my favourite flowers is the Grape Hyacinth. A bunch of little bell shaped flowers in a triangular bunch in vivid purple  – I just love it! I just wish they would stick around longer – say all summer? But alas we are only bathed in its beauty for a short time.

Forget me Not

Forget me Not

This bunch of Forget-me-nots was in the shape of a heart. Usually found in circular clumps I was surprised to find these in the heart formation. Kind of apropos, no?


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