Drive to Toby Part Two

After a great morning hitting some photo spots our afternoon was just as full with our next stop being Spirit Rock. The historical “Corran” was the home of Alexander McNeill, a Federal member of Parliament from 1881-1901. The Corran was once a lavish 17 room mansion and now stands an empty shell of its former self.

The Corran at Spirit Rock

The Corran at Spirit Rock Conservation Area


As we further explored the area we found the ruins of an old barn.

Nigel at the Barn Ruins

Nigel at the Barn Ruins

Nigel decided to pose for one of my shots.

Our last stop before heading for the hotel was St. Margaret’s Chapel named after Margaret, the Queen of Scotland in the 11th century.

St Margarets Chapel

St Margarets Chapel

The interior is just as beautiful as the outside but I’ll let you experience that one yourself.


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