Pertroglyphs Provincial Park

Getting up early to photograph the sunrise we were once again presented with a cloudless sky. Luckily we didn’t venture to far and had¬†decided to photograph the sunrise steps away from our door.

Early Morning

Early Morning

Today’s plan was to head to a waterfall in the area and then take a hike through Petroglyphs Provincial Park. I took a few photos of the waterfall but it was the light coming through the trees behind me that was more interesting.

Heaven's Light

Heaven’s Light

Soon it was off to the park to get some shots of the petroglyphs. When we got to the park and realized that we were not allowed to photograph the petroglyphs we were disappointed but decided to explore the park and what it had to offer.

We were here to see the whole park not just the famous petroglyphs.

Wacky in Petroglyphs PP

Wacky in Petroglyphs PP

Couse we got a little wacky and posed for another portrait. You know, just to prove we were there. LOL

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