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A year of planning is behind me now as I take my first steps on Icelandic soil. With the help of my friends Galina and Paul we have been able to pull this trip together. Two weeks around the ring road await us starting today. It doesn’t feel strange being here, more like familiar ground. I’m not sure why that is but I’m sure that feeling will change very soon. For right now things seem comfortable. It’s Saturday  and we’ve all been up for almost 24 hours but I’m feeling wide awake as the brisk wind hits my face. Picking up our vehicle for the trip, a Kia Sorrento, from Blue Car Rental we all piled in ready to start the long journey around the island.

Our first stop is Reykjavik – it’s time to do a little shopping before we get this trip underway. The flea market is waiting for us – only problem – it’s 8am and things don’t open until 10am.The first sign that we’ve left North America behind us.  We wandered the streets aimlessly, popping into a little cafe for some breakfast and then wandering the streets some more. My goal at the flea market is to get myself an authentic Icelandic wool sweater at better than average prices. I scored big time at one of the booths when I found exactly what I wanted – a white hooded zip up. Perfection!

Borgarfjörður Mountains

Borgarfjörður Mountains

After our shopping was done we headed outside to taste test the best hot dogs in Europe at a little stand across from the Market. Then it was back to the car and the drive to our first guesthouse for the night in Borgarnes. The drive was, shall I say, challenging? Once out of Reykjavik the snow began in earnest and our GPS decided to take the long way around. We were all happy to get to Borgarnes safe and sound as we prepped for the adventure ahead.

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