An Insect’s World

This weekend I was back on the Bruce Trail and I am happy to report that there be flowers and insects happily doing their thing. I just love summer – warm temps, flowers blooming and insects buzzing around. The bumble bees…they are like heavy helicopters buzzing past me as I walk the trail. (I have no idea how their little wings carry them around – nature is amazing).

Honey Bee

Bumble Bee

Spring also means caterpillars. This little guy will be turning into a beautiful moth as it grows and goes through metamorphosis. I’m not sure what the caterpillar was trying to do here…maybe pose for me?

Tent Caterpillar Moth

Tent Caterpillar Moth

And last but not least this tiny white butterfly was floating from flower to flower. The West Virginia White butterfly is a pretty common sight on the Bruce Trail during summer. It’s rare for me to not see one of these in the forest or meadows of the trail.

West Virginia White

West Virginia White

Here ends my insect tour of the Bruce Trail for spring/early summer. Now I know there is most likely all sorts of insects to find if one looked longer (and harder). I can tell you I saw a dragonfly on the trail early on but its getting a good photo of it that can be difficult. Some insects just won’t sit still.


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