Alberta and the Great Sandhill Dunes

Today Nigel and I were headed over the Saskatchewan/Alberta border to check out a small town called Empress. With another day of chilly temps and cloudy skies it made for some great moody photographs.

Abandoned Home

Abandoned Home

This abandoned shack was on the way to the border and I had to get a photo with the stormy skies.

As we drove into Alberta the landscape changed from flat to slightly rolling to hilly. This must be the edges of the badlands. It was a pretty stunning sight to see.

Alberta's Hills

Alberta’s Hills

After enjoying a full day exploring Alberta and enjoying some wonderful local company at lunch in Empress we headed back over the border to get a little more time in with the Great Sandhill Dunes.

Great Sandhill Dunes

Great Sandhill Dunes

Most of the snow had blown off the dunes since yesterday and I had a little fun with Nigel’s infrared converted camera.  The photograph above is a colour corrected infrared out of that camera. It looks like night has fallen on the hills when actually it is still daylight.

We tried our best to stay for the sunset but the cold temperatures and clouds sent us packing. 



As we drove back to the hotel we noticed a break in the clouds so we quickly found a farm to use as the foreground and voila the photo above was created. 

It was a great day exploring both Alberta and Saskatchewan but tomorrow its time to head back to Regina to catch our late afternoon flight home. Tomorrow we will be taking a more scenic route to the airport as we search out some of the old grain mills.

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