Attacked by Chickadees

I decided to make a trip out to the bird feeders in Claireville Conservation Area today. It seems I came on a day where the feeders were on the empty side so all the chickadees flew straight over to me in the hopes that I had brought some seed with me. 

Where's the Food?

Where’s the Food?

Unfortunately I had not remembered to check my bag and I had none to offer the little birds. As you may be able to tell the chickadees were little impressed by this.

White Throated Sparrow

White Throated Sparrow

There is one other feeder closer to the car park that seems to have some seed left in it as well as some seed scattered on the ground below. This white throated sparrow found quite a bit to keep himself (or herself) full.

Why are you looking at me?

Why are you looking at me?

The cardinal however was a little suspicious of me but soon got used to my presence and found some food for himself as well. Birds are fun to watch in these types of situations. They are all very different in how they react to humans. You have the ones, like the chickadees which seem to have no fear as long as you have some food with you and then there are ones like the cardinal which are much more skittish.

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