Snowshoeing Silliness

I went to vist my friends Brad and Tracey Quarrington of During my visit Brad and his daughter decided to go out for a short snowshoe in the neighbours field (we had permission) so I decided to strap my snowshoes on and join them.

Once out in the field the wind had us quickly snowshoeing our way over to a bunch of evergreens.

Wintry Day

Wintry Day

I just love the look of trees covered with snow. It’s the first image that comes to mind when thinking of winter.

Crouching down to take a shot of one of the trees in the field I noticed Brad got a little stuck when trying to get back up. So, of course, his daughter and I had a field day taking photos of his dilemma before finally helping him up.

Snowshoe Problems

Snowshoe Problems

Don’t worry Brad joined in on the laughing and of course we told the story and showed the photos to his wife. (Tracey was the one who said I should post this photo). It was a great day all around!

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