Tiffany and Sherman

I went out shooting with Roy Ramsay of Outdoor Photography Canada magazine in Hamilton today. We decided that with the heavy rains and the spring runoff we should photograph both Tiffany and Sherman Falls. 

Tifanny Falls

Tifanny Falls

Spring is my favourite time to visit Tiffany Falls as the falls is usually a trickle most of the year but today it was spectacular.  I decided to spend my time here creating more detailed shots of the falls. Although I did take photos of the whole waterfall I really liked the bottom part of the falls.

From here Roy and I went over to Sherman Falls.

Sherman Falls

Sherman Falls

As you can see Sherman is also enjoying the benefits of the larger amount of rain and snow melt. Most of the year Sherman is still quite a sight but today it was trying its best to impress. Luckily the river below the falls is still shallow enough for me to get in and get this shot.

It’s always a fun day out with Roy and today was not a disappointment. Check out Roy’s magazine Outdoor Photography Canada.

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