The Goose Crier

Goose Crier
Goose Crier

This lone goose gave me a cackling welcome as I walked the trail along the Grindstone Creek. I was in search of an apparent waterfall that was downriver from my favourite waterfall, Smokey Hollow Falls. I searched the trail and as I was walking back I noticed an area across the river that could very well be the elusive waterfall. However, as with most waterfalls in the area it runs dry at certain times of the year. It seems I was here at the wrong time.

So, I trudged back up the trail and then down into the gorge to get my obligatory photograph of Smokay Hollow. 

Smokey Hollow Falls
Smokey Hollow Falls

Smokey Hollow Falls is one of my favourite local spots. There is so much to see along the creek. All of that is highlighted by the waterfall. It’s also fairly easy to get to the bottom of the gorge and right up to the falls. Just watch out for the spray and slippery rocks if you’re visiting.

I decided to add a quick stop at Sherman Falls for photos before calling it a day. 

Sherman Falls
Sherman Falls detail

The sun was out so I photographed detail shots of the falls rather than fight with the glaring white spots where the sun hit to get the full shot. Usually, I try not to photograph waterfalls on a sunny day. The best time is when it is overcast so you don’t get those nasty bright spots on your photos.

And here my day out water falling ends. Although I didn’t find water at the mysterious falls that I’ve never seen on my adventures along Grindstone Creek at least I now know where it is. The big question now is when to go. 

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