A Bee and an Old Basket

While walking down my regular path along the creek I stopped to take a photo of some small purple flowers. As I was shooting a bee decided to buzz in and harvest some pollen.


It’s always amazing to me to see such a large body being propelled through the sky with what look like unsubstantial wings. I mean, really? How do they stay in the air? Especially those huge bumble bees but I digress.

Walking a little further I found a rotting basket deep in the trees near the creek edge and had to get some photos in the late daylight.

Broken Basket
Broken Basket

I love coming across little gems like these and because this one is so close to the house it’s nice to revisit it at different times of the day to see what works best. I will be revisiting this basket again.

Discovering things in your neighbourhood can help you realize what light works best for your particular subject.

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