Little Wonders of Algonquin

Today I headed out to Algonquin Provincial Park with a couple of photography friends. Our goal was to walk a few of the trails and see what we could find. As we walked along the first trail we spotted a hare in our path.

Hare on the Boardwalk
Hare on the Boardwalk

It didn’t seem as shy as the rabbits where I live but it wasn’t long until it hopped off the path and into the forest.

And then I spotted some mushrooms.

Mushroom Family
Mushroom Family

Followed by an orchid. I didn’t expect to see any orchids at all but was pleasantly surprised when we happened upon a bunch of Pink Lady’s Slipper.

Pink Moccasin Flower
Pink Lady’s Slipper

Up until now, I had never come across these flowers. It was a treat to spot them and get some photographs. So that was day one. I wonder what we will discover on day two. Maybe a moose?

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