Cyprus Lake Campground Day 1

I’m back at my favourite place in Ontario – Cyprus Lake campground located in the Bruce Peninsula National Park. I’m here for the next 5 days! There is some rain in the forecast but I’m hoping for mostly clear skies and lots of campfires.

Sun flares

And I’m just a short walk away from this.

I love messing around with sun flares in the trees. And yes I purposely left it slightly crooked because I loved how this looked. I can do that because I’m the artist…lol

Late day mediations on the shores of the lake are always the best spots. I was on my way out to claim a spot for the sunset when I happened to pass this person communing with nature.

At first, it didn’t look like it was going to be a spectacular sunset but then this happened. Out of nowhere. I love when the skies come out to greet you like this. It reminds us that we must be patient because sometimes there is great stuff waiting for us.

And for the final hurrah of the day, I went out for some astrophotography near the same spot I was at for sunset. Although the clouds were coming in they didn’t block the entire Milky Way. This was a test run for when I venture out to Singing Sands when the skies clear.

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