Vine Covered Homes & Waterfalls

Today I headed with my friend Nigel up to Lion’s Head for a weekend adventure on the trails. This three and a half hour drive can be tedious but there are some goodies to photograph along the way.

Abandoned House

An old abandoned house, on the west side of the highway, has caught my eye a few times but with the fall colours it was hard not to pull over and get some shots. And then I had to try it out in infrared.

Abandoned House IR

Back on the road after getting some shots of the house we decided to stop at Jones Falls in Owen Sound and make our way along the trail to the bottom of the waterfall. Someone had decided to build a little waterfall guardian at its base.


I couldn’t leave you without a photo of the falls so here is a view just off to the side.

Jones Falls

From here we got back onto the trail and headed back to the car for the final leg of the trip.

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