Snowy Wawa

My friend Nigel and I headed up for a long weekend to catch some waves, so to speak, in beautiful snowy Wawa. By “catch some waves” I mean photographically not actually getting in the cold, stormy water of Lake Superior.

Before looking for those waves we decided to explore Michipocten and Wawa for some snowy winter scenes. It wasn’t too hard to find those winter scenes as the snow started lightly falling on the already snow-covered landscape.

Middle Silver Falls in the distance
Middle Silver Falls. Black and white version.

We explored Michipicoten a little more and found a beach with some small waves crashing and as we explored more we found a boat shed. It looked a little worn but that’s what I loved most about it.

The Boat Shed

After exploring Michipicoten we decided to head in Lake Superior Park to scout out some locations and get a few photos along the way. We found this hidden little beach at one of our stops.

A Secret Beach

Our final stop of the day before heading back to Wawa for dinner, was Magpie Falls.

Magpie High Falls

As always when travelling there is usually something that is under construction. Little did I think that there would construction at a waterfall. So more intimate photos will have to do.

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