Old Woman Bay

Our second day in Wawa before heading out to Lake Superior Provincial Park we stopped at the iconic goose statute located on the edge of town. This goose is huge! I’m standing at its base as it looms over me.

Wawa Goose

Our first stop in the park was back to Old Woman’s Bay. Our hope was to see some substantial waves that the area boasts about this time of year. We were a little unlucky on that front as the waves coming in were on the smaller side but look at that beautiful light.

Old Woman Bay

We did see some remnants of trees that looked like they’d been tossed about by those elusive large waves.

We had a couple stops planned today and one that we hiked up to was Sand Falls. While on our hike it started big fluffy snowflakes fell from the sky.

Above Lower Sand Falls

We wanted to try to get a photograph of the sunset as the skies decided to clear a little later in the day. We raced down to Sandy Beach just as the sun was hitting the edge of the horizon. I quickly shot this photo as I got out of the car.

Sunset at Sandy Beach

Overall a great day in the park exploring. With one more day left to explore we are still hoping to find some of those waves.

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