The Melt

All that beautiful snow is gone again as temps go up. This means that well-travelled paths are now more on the icy side with muddy patches. It doesn’t make for the best hiking conditions.

Slip and Side

But that didn’t stop me from heading over to Claireville for a quick hike and for some reason I decided to take the forest trail. This trail was a path of ice with a layer of water on top. Now, I do own a pair of Yaktrax which give some grip on the ice, which although helpful at times, didn’t always give me the traction I hoped for. I tended to choose the muddy terrain over the ice if it was possible. Otherwise it was a slow slip and slide type of situation down the path.

Trail only ice

I arrived at the park later in the day and the light was amazing. The glow coming through the trees was a beautiful golden colour. I think I stopped way too many times and photographed similar shots as the one above. This always makes for problems in post processing as I can’t always decided which one to edit.

Safer ground

Some areas didn’t have much ice at all. Which was surprising as usually on forest trails the snow and ice are the last to melt.

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