My Story

Growing up I was never really interested in cameras and my parents would have scoffed at the idea of me being a photographer (and they did when I started taking photography courses). They are blue collar workers and spent their time teaching us how to work in the garden and around the house. Because of this I know a lot about how to mix concrete and build a house foundation along with how to nail a floor down. Not exactly fun pastimes when on your school vacation.

As I got to my early teens I purchased a cheap little camera from a local store and started using it to take photographs of me and my friends. They certainly weren’t great photographs and some ended up in the trash while some did make it into the photo album. Originally I had intended to go to college and pursue a diploma in Special Effects but I ended up going to the local University because I felt the pressure from my parents to do something better with my life. Graduating with an Honours Bachelor of Science in the field of Forensics (at that time called Physical Anthropology) I realized I couldn’t spend another moment in school doing a graduate degree in order to look at dead bodies all day.

I then decided to do a one year intensive degree in Multimedia Arts which eventually led me to a job in the print industry working in post production. I learned a lot about colour theory and printing processes in my four years with the company before moving on for a short term stint at a small design agency in a managerial position. From both these experience I was able to learn how the entire process of printing happened – from conception of the art to the final printing. After leaving that company I took a few months off to figure out if I wanted to return to the business but in turn got desperate for work that I took a job at one of the major banks in town as an executive assistant. During my time there I came up with an idea to photograph the Bruce Trail which came about because my friend and I were going to do a week long camping trip up the Bruce Peninsula and my research found nothing to help.

Shortly after I started planning out exactly what I would do I had a pretty bad injury to my back which left me with very little mobility for almost five months. It took another year to get myself in any kind of shape to attempt the trails but when I did I realized it helped my healing process in many ways. After almost four years with the bank it was time to leave so I took a part time contract to work at a yacht club also as an executive assistant. This job gave me more freedom to work on this project. The contract ended early in 2013 and since then I’ve decided to focus more on my art and this project. In late 2013 I was back at the yacht club photographing their events, both racing and social along with helping create their monthly magazine, Kwasind. I’m still there working hard on a new revamp of the magazine and taking it into the digital world.

The goal is to finish the Bruce Trail project, an almost 900km trek, by the end of the year (I’m halfway there). It will be an intense summer of hiking if I can get it done. Right now its down to the logistics of how to get to these places quickly and where to stay in order to get as much done as possible over a weekend. Wish me luck!


Some More Stuff


I specialize in landscape and macro photography along with dabbling in other forms of photography to keep things interesting.
I am based out of Mississauga, Ontario.
I have been published twice in Outdoor Photography Canada magazine, and have done a number of photo shoots for clients.
I have volunteered my time teaching and helping run the Brampton Photo Group as President along with other members on the executive team.
I’m in the process of learning video techniques on my camera and hope to soon be producing more to show in the near future.


What’s in my bag?


Nikon D800 & D200
Sigma 17-70mm lens for those up close and personal shots
Nikon 18-200mm VR lens for some extra length
Nikon 50mm 1.8 to break out of the mould
Nikon 28mm 2.8 for wide beautiful shots
Sigma 24-105mm to get some use out the full frame feature (which has now since been broken during my trip to Croatia)
Sigma 50-500mm lens for those elusive birds that never seem to be around
Gitzo Explorer tripd to get stable and into tight and awkward spots
Capture system for when I’m backpacking