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Island Lake

On a whim I decided to visit Island Lake in Orangeville. Its not too far of a drive and it gave me something to do with my day as I was feeling unmotivated. Island Lake […]


The Grandmother Tree

This last day of our trip we headed out early to check out the lighthouse at Lion’s Head and see if we could get a shot of the waves crashing. It was very windy but […]


Mushrooms at Cameron Lake

After my first successful trip to Cameron Lake in September I decided to drag Nigel to the trail and see what we could find. It started out as a foggy day but it made the […]


Vine Covered Homes & Waterfalls

Today I headed with my friend Nigel up to Lion’s Head for a weekend adventure on the trails. This three and a half hour drive can be tedious but there are some goodies to photograph […]


Old Fences and the Colour Yellow

A quick walk around the neighbourhood can wield some fun things to photograph. I have passed this fence many times on my walks but today it caught my eye and I decided to photograph it. […]


A Rainbow

For today…just a rainbow. Rainbow Related Images:


Mushroom Hike

I joined a guided National Park hike mid-morning at Cameron Lake. I had never taken this particular trail mostly because I didn’t even know it existed. Well! I’m so glad I decided to join the […]


Lifestyle Shoot and Evening Hike

One of the things I decided to do while I was up here camping was to shoot a few different lifestyle shots. Although it’s not the typical thing I post here I decided to share […]


Trails, Rest Stops and Stars

I started off the morning with a great hike around Cyprus Lake. I stopped about halfway around to take the photo below, which I believe if you look straight across the lake that is where […]