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I was exploring Claireville Conservation Area and in spring one of my favourite little flowers makes an appearance. The cute, little bloodroot. Related Images:


A Bee and an Old Basket

While walking down my everyday path along the creek I stopped to take a photo of some small purple flowers. As I was shooting a bee decided to buzz in and harvest some pollen. Pollinating […]


Wood and Gold

Another walk in the local park brings some unexpected visitors as I trudge through a marshy area. There isn’t much to see normally at this time of year but with the leaves not on the […]


It Happened on the Way

Sometimes you can find good photography opportunities when you least expect it. Along the way to my accountant’s place I found some fun little spots to stop and shoot. Geometric This geometrical shaped fence caught […]


Spring has Sprung…kind of

Spring is here! All the ice has unfrozen and things are a little muddy on the trails but its so nice to see the buds on the trees. Spring is about to spring Course there […]


The Ice Broke

Another day out and about with my friend Nigel as we explore the Rockwood Conservation Area. This park is located along Hwy 7, west of the Georgetown area. Our mission today was to check out […]


The Goose Crier

Goose Crier This lone goose gave me a cackling welcome as I walked the trail along the Grindstone Creek. I was in search of an apparent waterfall that was downriver from my favourite waterfall, Smokey […]


The Limehouse Adventure

I bought a new camera – the D810, while I was waiting to service my D800. My brother also ended up buying a camera¬†not too long after. So, both of us decided to go out […]



So this will be a quick one today. I just wanted to show you my pano that I shot of the Toronto skyline. That’s it. That’s all. Nothing more to see here. Related Images: