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Winter on Toronto Islands

Since doing some work on the islands over the winter I realized how beautiful the islands and the city are at this time of year. So my friend Nigel and I decided to take a […]


Walking in the Rain

Snow has fallen since my last post but today its raining out as temps start to rise again. I decided to have a little fun with a lifestyle idea I had. A walk in the […]


Lifestyle Shoot in Claireville

With the weather still on the warm side, especially for January, I decided to do a photo shoot to show off some of the knitting projects that I had knitted up recently. It was late […]


Duck Displays

After spending a couple hours taking photos of Santa and loads of children at work, I decided to stop by Humber Bay to get photos of the local water birds. It was beautiful weather – […]


Woody Woodpecker & Friends

My friend Nigel and I headed to the Royal Botanical Gardens this morning. Our goal was to photograph some of the local birds that were sticking around for winter. Male Downey Woodpecker Things were a […]


A Ghost Town

We were still four hours from home but we wanted to stop at Depot Harbour before we pulled into our homes and got back to reality. There apparently is a ghost town located on the […]


Superior Waves

This was our last day in Wawa. Actually more like half day. There had been no luck so far in finding these massive waves that apparently happen on the north shore but we are still […]


Old Woman Bay

Our second day in Wawa before heading out to Lake Superior Provincial Park we stopped at the iconic goose statute located on the edge of town. This goose is huge! I’m standing at its base […]


Snowy Wawa

My friend Nigel and I headed up for a long weekend to catch some waves, so to speak, in beautiful snowy Wawa. By “catch some waves” I mean photographically not actually getting in the cold, […]