Just Ducks

Today was the day of the duck on the Humber Recreational Trail. I biked out to the path to my favourite birding spot at Esther Lorrie Park located right on the trail. It’s always the […]


Field of Butter and Eggs

Just a quick one today from my drone. A Field of Butter and Eggs Related Images:


Backyard Wonders

There are so many things growing around me so I’m not straying too far today to take photos. I’m staying in my backyard today to take photographs starting with the gorgeous pruple clematis growing on […]


Departing Algonquin

It’s our last day in Algonquin. It’s time to go home. How has this time already come? I’m not ready to go back to the city just yet. *sigh* I’ve packed my gear into the […]


A Moose Adventure

Our second day in Algonquin Provincial Park we decided to do the Mizzy Lake Trail. This trail is over 15km so we decided to spend our day on this trail which meant packing a lunch, […]


Little Wonders of Algonquin

Today I headed out to Algonquin Provincial Park with a couple of photography friends. Our goal was to walk a few of the trails and see what we could find. As we walked along the […]


Ducks of the Humber

Its a week later and I’m back on my bike, riding along the Humber River looking for that little Wood Duck I saw last week. As I looked in the regular “duck” spots all I […]


The Wood Duck

I’m so excited. I’m back on my bike and hitting the trails today. Strapped on the pack and grabbed my Nikon in the hopes of finding some photographic treasures out on the Humber Recreational Trail. […]


Fuji in Claireville

Today I went to Claireville Conservation Area but this time with a different camera. I had with me a small mirrorless Fuji. I typically shoot with a Nikon so the challenge with the Fuji is […]