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Campfire Fun

The best part of camping trips is the gatherings around the campfires. With the entire gang here today we pulled out all the stops. The park finally had a fire ban in effect which still […]


Pretty River Valley Provincial Park

I decided to head out to Pretty River Vally Provincial Park for my morning hike before heading home. I got a little turned around on Grey Road 19 but I was soon able to find […]


Sunrise at Craigleith

My night on the campsite was, well, let’s just say uncomfortable. The highway is very close and traffic was fairly consistent along it. That along with a fairly strong wind that moved my tent around […]


A Night at Craigleith Provincial Park

I had some business to get done in Flesherton and figured instead of driving the two-hour long drive home I would spend the night camping at Craigleith Provincial Park. It was my first visit to […]


Trekking alongside Ridge Road

With 11 kilometres left in the Niagara section of the Bruce Trail I had originally attempted to get it all done today. Unfortunately I had very little success on finishing but I did make it […]


Back to the Pinnacle

The goal today was to hike back to Murphy’s Pinnacle and then continue out of Boyne Valley Conservation Area. It was another hot one but luckily today’s temps stayed below the 30s so I decided […]


A Pleasant Surprise

Today’s journey started in the Iroquoia section much later in the day than I normally head out on my hikes. We were supposed to get thunderstorms this morning in my end of town and all […]


Kinsmen Community Park

I started today’s journey from Kinsmen Community Park. The one thing I have noticed about walking the Niagara section is the amount of critters I have come across and today was no exception. My first […]


Happy Canada Day!

I always say that I’m going to go somewhere to shoot fireworks on Canada Day and for some reason or another I never actually make it. This year I vowed to try again. My friend […]