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Grindstone Creek

It’s been a few years since I’ve hiked the path downriver from Grindstone Waterfall (aka Smokey Hollow Falls or Great Falls) and things have definitely changed. The river has receded back from the shore and […]


A Day in the Life of Port Credit

I had completely different plans today. Today I met Dave at Port Credit to take photos for the surrounding area. Of course today of all days the fates were against me in getting to my […]


Fisher’s Pond

Yesterday I only made it halfway through my hike not even reaching Fisher’s Pond as I had planned to. Today however, I approached it from the opposite direction and enjoyed another fairly easy hike. As […]


Backyard Rambling

My mom always has the best plants popping up out of her gardens (and yes that was meant to be plural). There is a garden on every side of the house. With the early spring […]


Guelph Line

Deciding to hike the Iroquoia section today had me parking on Guelph Line, a fairly busy road. I had one kilometre left to hike on the east side of the road before heading southwest to […]


Back to Mono Cliffs

Today I headed back to Mono Cliffs to finish up my hike through the park. There are some great views from the top of the cliffs here. It has been aptly named. The hike was […]


Wrong Turn on Snake Road

Today I decided to hike Grindstone Creek but from the opposite end of where I usually enter. This meant that I had to park on Snake Road instead of my usual spot on Waterdown Road. […]


Spring Flowers at Balls Falls

Today will be my last trip down to Balls Falls for this project as I finally finished hiking the area.  Just like last time I headed into the hamlet before veering off to the bridge […]


The Adamson Estate

Yesterday I was assisting a friend of mine on a wedding shoot. The couple choose some of their photographs to be taken at the Adamson Estate in Mississauga. I had never been to the estate […]