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Final Hike in Caledon

I’ve been trying to keep a cold at bay for the last few days and in a further attempt to beat it down i decided to hike the remainder of the Caledon section of the […]


Fickleness of Weather

Yesterday I decided to spend some time finishing up a project.  So there I was working away at my computer when I started getting  a little distracted by the weather outside my window. It started at […]


Actual Snow?

Today I ventured back to Hockley Valley Provincial Nature Reserve to try to hike as much as I could and hopefully see some snow. We did have snow last week but things don’t tend to […]



For the seventh year in a row Cumberland Ave hosted the Bloor Yorkville Ice Festival this past weekend. This years theme was “Winter Wonderland”. Now I have to be honest I didn’t even the know […]


Downtown Brampton Part Two

Continuing our photo walk we stopped at the Rose Theatre. The Christmas tree made of lights was still out front and nicely lit up. The square has some very convenient lines leading the eye to […]


Downtown Brampton Part One

Some Brampton Photo Club Members got together late this afternoon for a walk around the downtown area of Brampton. Parking at City Hall we headed north along Main Street and I went a little bit […]


Hockley Valley Nature Reserve

It’s been over a month since I’ve been on the Caledon portion of the Bruce Trail. Picking up the trail on the south end of the Hockley Valley Provincial Nature Reserve the trail headed straight […]


Early Morning at the Falls

Dragging my butt out of bed at some ungodly hour was not my idea of fun on a Friday morning. One of the problems of being a landscape photographer is that those ungodly hours are […]


Playing with Plugins

Today I spent most of my day going through my large catalogue of Bruce Trail photographs. I decided to have some fun and play with some plugins. On One software has become one of my […]