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Family Camping Weekend – Awenda PP

It’s that time of year again – Family & Friends Camping Weekend. Our annual trek to a nearby provincial park to catch up with family and friends as we get silly, take photos, hit the […]


Journey to Tobermory

Today starts the annual Orchid Festival in Tobermory, Ontario. A few friends and I love coming up for the weekend and to me it signifies the start of the summer season up north. As per […]


Mysterious Ship

Roy Ramsay of Outdoor Photography Canada and I planned a late evening of astrophotography tonight but we were to be thwarted by the weather. It was clear skies at my place but as I headed […]


Wolf Moon

Most evenings during the year the moon rises just outside my bedroom window. Sometimes it can be glaring white – beating down through the curtains as though it thought it was the sun. Tonight however, […]


August Super Moon

With three super moons scheduled to appear in 2014 I knew I had to make it out to at least one of them. I missed the first, although I can’t remember why. I called up […]


Beaches and Stars

Our last night at Killbear a couple of us went out to the beach to try our hand at star photography. I did learn one thing about shooting with the 15mm fisheye – it really blurs the […]


Night Lights & Spooky Things

Brad Quarrington called me up at work today asking if I would come up to Flesherton that night. Fog was in the forecast and I had agreed to be a model for some of Brad’s ideas. […]


Piers & Pirate Ships

Dave Hook, Paul Berkloo and myself decided to try out some night shoots at the old beached ship at Jordan Station. This ship has been beached close to the marina for as long as I […]


A Night Out on Big Tub Harbour

After settling in the hotel and getting some grub we got our gear together and headed out for some night shots at the Lighthouse on Big Tub Harbour. I tried a couple of different lenses […]