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Night in Bobcaygeon

My parents have a friend that owns some cottages in Bobcaygeon and they were up visiting them for the weekend. Since my week of internet provider hell was just barely resolved I knew I had […]


Exploring Presqu’ile

Michelle and I decided to check out a couple of the hiking trails in the park. Our first hike was on the Marsh trail which was a one kilometre boardwalk that weaved its way around, […]


Astral Object

I just happened to look out my window tonight and there it was. Hanging low in the sky. The half-moon. I grabbed my Sigma 50-500mm and slapped it on to the camera before heading out […]


The Super Moon

Some members of the Brampton Photo Group joined me at Humber Bay West to wait for the Super Moon to make its appearance. There was some question as to whether the weather was going to […]


Moonlight Desires

This evening I attended my astrophotography class and got my favourite photograph to date – the Moon. It hung nice and low in the sky. I had brought my 50-500mm Sigma lens so I could […]



I signed up for an Astrophotography course led by two professors from the University of Toronto. Tonight was my second class and my first attempt at shooting the night sky with the knowledge of what […]