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Beaches and Gulls

Our second last day at Killbear I wasn’t feeling the greatest so I wandered down to the small beach and sat there doing some people watching and catching up with a friend of mine. Of […]


Birds of a Feather…

Nigel and I headed out today in search of Sandhill Cranes. We¬†stopped at a roadside marsh were previously sandhill cranes were spotted nesting. As we wandered the area in search of them we came across […]


Parks Along the Shoreline

Max and I went on tour of a few parks along the Lake Ontario shoreline. Our first stop was a park in the Pickering area which I’ve forgotten the name of. This is why I […]


Sparrows of Claireville

Okay, so it was time to go back for another visit to Claireville today. This time I entered the conservation area from the north side rather than the east side just to see if there […]


Sheave Tower

Today another adventure with Nigel was scheduled. First stop was not originally planned but then I remembered that Sheave tower was pretty close to where we were heading so we made an unplanned stop before […]


Signs of Spring

I was working hard on the computer today and at the last minute decided to take a quick trip over to the Humber Arboretum. It was later in the day and my hopes were to […]


Up Close and Personal

I took Dave Hook and Nigel Banks to my favourite birding spot. Yup, you guessed it, Claireville Conservation Area. My go to winter birding place. Not sure what it will be like in summer but […]


More Birds of Claireville

So there I was feeling unmotivated because of another cold day. Forcing myself to get off my butt I picked up my camera and headed to my new birding spot. Yup, that’s right Claireville. I […]


Downey at Claireville

I thought I would try my luck again at Claireville today. Armed with my Sigma 50-500mm lens I was ready to get some shots of birds. I would not be deterred this time around and […]