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Birding at Claireville

I was told that there were bird feeders in certain cares of the Claireville Conservation Area so today was the day I was going to find these hidden places. Okay so, they were not so […]


Insect Hunting

Max and I went out this morning to hunt down some insects. I was pretty stoked to get out to test my macro skills and Max was nice enough to lend me his 105mm macro […]



I had three more kilometres to hike in the Iroquoia section of the Bruce Trail and I was super psyched to finish it. The morning started really good as I started my hiking above the […]


Adventures in Ajax and Whitby

Getting up extra early to go out shooting today was much easier than I thought it would be. I guess it was the fact that I had two photographers going out with me and I […]



I went out with Nigel this morning to photograph some shore birds in the Burlington area. Our first stop was just under the Skyway bridge. Hundreds of Ring-billed Gulls were nesting along the shoreline and […]


Journey Through the King’s Forest

Back to Hamilton today to continue the hike northward on the Bruce Trail. It was crazy warm but it didn’t stop me from getting out to wander the King’s Forest. In the few short weeks […]


The Fallen

My family and I were celebrating my dad’s 75th birthday at my brother’s place today. We sat outside to enjoy the warmer weather. While outside we noticed a juvenile American Robin sitting on a trestle. […]