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Winter in Limehouse

Nigel and I headed out to Limehouse Conservation Area to photograph the old ruins. I’ve been here a number of times and it can be difficult to find a new way to shoot the small […]


Mills of Fergus and Elora

Seems Dave Hook and I didn’t have enough of the mills last month so we were at it again today. Our first stop was in Fergus, Ontario at the St. Andrews Mill and Cascade. A […]


From Icy Piers to Icy Waterfalls

Winter is a tough season for me. I don’t do any winter sports so I find that when the snow arrives and the cold is almost unbearable I just want to snuggle up in front […]


Sam Smith Park

So for the third time in a row I headed to Colonel Sam Smith park for some more photo hunting. Now that the frigid temps are upon us and I’m sure it will only get […]


Wildlife at Colonel Sam

This morning I brought Nigel with me to explore the wilder side of Colonel Sam Smith Park. Our goal today was to find the snowy owl that apparently likes to hang out here. As we […]


Waudby’s Haunted House

I drove up North to visit some friends last night and decided to bring along my camera gear and check out an abandoned house west of Markdale. Along the way I detoured to Traverston Mill […]


Neighbourhood Finds

Sometimes when walking around the neighbourhood I find the most interesting things. For example, I came across this coconut shell (at least that’s what i think it was) that had a face. Well, okay it […]


Little Things

We finally had some snow to cover up all that brown that’s been just laying there. Problem is it was not enough snow to get those pretty wintery photos that look great. No, we have […]


A Harvest Moon

Our third and final super moon of the year was tonight. When I got in from work, which was fairly late but perfect timing for the moonrise, I grabbed the tripod and camera and headed […]