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Waudby’s Haunted House

I drove up North to visit some friends last night and decided to bring along my camera gear and check out an abandoned house west of Markdale. Along the way I detoured to Traverston Mill […]


Neighbourhood Finds

Sometimes when walking around the neighbourhood I find the most interesting things. For example, I came across this coconut shell (at least that’s what i think it was) that had a face. Well, okay it […]


Little Things

We finally had some snow to cover up all that brown that’s been just laying there. Problem is it was not enough snow to get those pretty wintery photos that look great. No, we have […]


A Harvest Moon

Our third and final super moon of the year was tonight. When I got in from work, which was fairly late but perfect timing for the moonrise, I grabbed the tripod and camera and headed […]


Dawn at Halfway Log Dump

In my previous post I mentioned that I went to watch (and of course photograph) the sunrise at Halfway Log Dump. Getting up about 45 minutes before the sun was to appear on the horizon […]


My Favourite Place

One of my all time favourite places to visit is Tobermory. Located in the northern tip of south western Ontario it’s a 3.5 hour drive for me but I try to make it up at […]



After a great BBQ at Brad Q‘s place last night and spending some time recovering from it this morning it was time to slowly make my way home. But before I did I decided on […]


Evening in Grundy Lake

With a weekend clear of any obligations I decided on a last minute drive to Grundy Lake Provincial Park. With the intent on staying from Friday to Sunday I packed all my camping and photography […]


Field of Dreams

A third day on the trail in Beaver Valley offered different views than my more recent hikes. A good portion of the hike was along a narrow path in a meadow filled with wildflowers. Living in […]