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Blue Hour on the Harbour

Dave and I headed out again, after some power napping, to try out some long exposures and night photography at the Oakville harbour. They have a cigarette lighthouse at the end of the pier and […]



I had three more kilometres to hike in the Iroquoia section of the Bruce Trail and I was super psyched to finish it. The morning started really good as I started my hiking above the […]


Garden Treasures

Back in the garden again today. This time I worked on being a little more creative in what I shot. To start I decided to photograph something that I normally wouldn’t think to photograph – […]


All Kinds of Boats

The skies were blue for our final day in Mikisew Provincial Park and we decided to retrace our steps along the trails to see what we would find on a sunnier day. More people were […]


Reflections of Dod’s Mill

My friend Dave and I had been asked to do some judging for the Oakville Camera Club up in Alton and we decided to get there a little early to get some shots of the […]


Adventures in Ajax and Whitby

Getting up extra early to go out shooting today was much easier than I thought it would be. I guess it was the fact that I had two photographers going out with me and I […]


Mysterious Language

While sitting outside enjoying the afternoon sun I noticed two mushrooms near our peach tree. The larger of the two mushrooms was sheltering a smaller one. I had to grab my camera and start exploring […]


Rainy Nights

It’s been raining a lot today and I had the joy of pulling a muscle in my back which has kept me indoors. Even though my movement was restricted I was still able to go […]



I had this great idea to dip my hand into some portraiture but when I tried photographing the vision I had in mind it just wasn’t working out as planned. So I started just messing […]