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I went out with Nigel this morning to photograph some shore birds in the Burlington area. Our first stop was just under the Skyway bridge. Hundreds of Ring-billed Gulls were nesting along the shoreline and […]


Macro Study

Tonight’s meeting with the Brampton Photo Group consisted of a slide show of member’s Black and White images along with a macro presentation. Afterwards we headed outside to do some evening macro shots. Here are […]



I went up to Beeton today to visit my new accountant and took my camera along for the ride. After my meeting I drove around the area to take some quick snaps. Storm clouds were […]


Yes, I’d Like a Yellow Warbler Please

Sorry Miss, the warblers are busy taunting those trying to photograph them. Yup that completely sums up my day in Heart Lake Conservation Area with some members of the Brampton Photo Group. Above is the […]


Brampton Heritage Walk Part Two

The group continued along the tour passing the old mill built in the 1860s, meandering along the side streets we passed a farmhouse being lovingly restored by its owner and the oldest surviving public school […]


Meanwhile Back at the Ranch

Okay it is more of a farm than a ranch but this place is one I like to visit a couple times a year – Scottsdale Farm. There is always new and interesting things to […]


One More Attempt

Okay so I have only tried looking for Pan STARRS once and of course with no luck. So tonight I decided to give it another try. I didn’t care that it was cold out or […]


Big White Fluffy Stuff

Today I woke up to big white fluffy stuff falling out of the sky. These are the kind of winter days I love. Huge bundled together snowflakes of joy. I pulled out the camera to […]


The Arboretum and The Temple

I went out exploring with Nigel today. Our first stop was the Humber Arboretum. In all my years living here I have never stepped foot into the arboretum. I have roller bladed along the path […]