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Is it Oyster Night?

The RCYC was launching a new event for winter. An “Oyster and Martini” night. So I was happy when they asked me to do some photos of oysters for the marketing of the event. Here’s […]


More Food

Chef Rory White asked me to help out on a small food shoot for an upcoming event. He was preparing a veal dish and my goal was to shoot some nice angles to showcase his work. Are […]


Duck and Po’boy

My regular day job at the Royal Canadian Yacht Club gives me the opportunity to do some different types of photography. One of them being food. I love food – eating it and photographing it. […]


What’s for Lunch?

I went out to Costco this morning to pick up some supplies and they had a sale on jumbo shrimp so I decided to pick some up. Little did I know how jumbo they were. […]


The Victim

I started off with this idea of shooting a lemon and its reflection on the dining room table. Then I got the brilliant idea of telling its story. Lemon was feeling pretty happy having found […]


Yummy Fresh Food

Today I was to take photos of the Yacht Club kids and Santa but before that shoot I stopped to take some photos of the food that was set out for the Family Brunch. All […]