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Headed East

Nigel and I headed northeast of the city today to explore a little waterfall called Fourth Chute. We had many stops along the way but I wanted to share a couple of the photos of […]


Drive to Toby Part Two

After a great morning hitting some photo spots our afternoon was just as full with our next stop being Spirit Rock. The¬†historical “Corran” was the home of Alexander McNeill, a Federal member of Parliament from […]


Sheave Tower

Today another adventure with Nigel was scheduled. First stop was not originally planned but then I remembered that Sheave tower was pretty close to where we were heading so we made an unplanned stop before […]



Two mornings and two evenings per year the stars align along Toronto’s east – west street grid. This year I joined a meet up group as they attempted to capture this on camera. Location is […]


Adventures in Snow

Finally!! A day out of the house! With my friends Nigel and Dave I headed north to play in freshly fallen snow. With Nigel about half an hour behind us, Dave and I decided to […]


Along the River

My friend Dave and I headed over to Smokey Hollow Falls this morning. Having been here numerous times before I wanted to work on more detail shots of the river rather than focusing on the […]


Unexpected Surprises in Claireville

I took a bit of break from shooting since Thanksgiving but today was my day off from work and I wanted to get some last minute shots of the autumn colours before a predicted windstorm […]


Bohinj & Bled

It was another early morning today as my cousins and I hit the road for Bohinj at 6 am. Our first stop was Trojane for some massively huge donuts with marmalade injected in them. Yum! […]


Roman Forum and Waterfalls

Early morning walks through the towns have been a great way to see all the historical places without all those crowds getting it the way and Zadar was no different. The bell tower of the […]