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Two mornings and two evenings per year the stars align along Toronto’s east – west street grid. This year I joined a meet up group as they attempted to capture this on camera. Location is […]


Along the River

My friend Dave and I headed over to Smokey Hollow Falls this morning. Having been here numerous times before I wanted to work on more detail shots of the river rather than focusing on the […]


Unexpected Surprises in Claireville

I took a bit of break from shooting since Thanksgiving but today was my day off from work and I wanted to get some last minute shots of the autumn colours before a predicted windstorm […]



I went up to Beeton today to visit my new accountant and took my camera along for the ride. After my meeting I drove around the area to take some quick snaps. Storm clouds were […]


BAPS Swaminarayan Sanstha

The BAPS Swaminarayan Sanstha Temple is one of the most intricate and beautiful temples I have seen. Now that comes with a caveat since I haven’t done that much travelling around the world as I would […]


Toronto Botanical Gardens & Orchid Show

Galina picked me up from my home today in the middle of a snow squall to take us down to a special outing at the Toronto Orchid Show. We left a little earlier to allow […]


Warm Day on Hamilton Mountain

With more warm temps and melting snow it was a challenge to hike today. The trail was mostly ice but my new purchase kept me from slipping and sliding – YakTrax pro was a lifesaver. […]


Christmas Decorations

The Christmas tree finally went up today – yes I know it’s later than most people put up their tree but that’s how we roll here. Once everything was in place and before it got […]


Revisiting Tiffany Falls

I’ve been to Tiffany Falls a couple of times this year and there has always been very little water coming over the edge. On my visit this morning it was a little bigger and certainly […]