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Crawford Lake

Today I woke up to sunny skies but cool temps. Since it is Good Friday not much is open so the best plan of action was to gear up and head out onto the trails. […]


Sampling of Toronto Graffiti

I promised some more examples of the graffiti I came across while doing my photo walk in Toronto so here they are: I caught this one out of the corner of my eye and had […]


Downtown Brampton Part One

Some Brampton Photo Club Members got together late this afternoon for a walk around the downtown area of Brampton. Parking at City Hall we headed north along Main Street and I went a little bit […]


Early Morning at the Falls

Dragging my butt out of bed at some ungodly hour was not my idea of fun on a Friday morning. One of the problems of being a landscape photographer is that those ungodly hours are […]


Sunrise on the Badlands

Getting up extra early this morning was tough but I did it in the name of photography. This morning my brother and I decided to check out the Cheltenham Badlands as the sun rose. We […]


Welcome to a Wet & Warm 2011

January 1, 2011 had a very different weather day for those of us used to bringing in the new year with a cold,  snowy day. This year was ushered in with 12C temps and light […]


The Falls of Beaverdam Creek

A photographer friend and I decided to take some photographs of Decew Falls in St. Catherines this morning. When speaking to him the evening before and posing the question of what time we were meeting […]


Uphill Battles

Today’s journey brings us along Tremont Drive, which winds steeply uphill until you hit a dead-end. (Points of interest along with street are all the pretty and expensive homes that I can’t afford.) Once at the dead-end […]


Silver Creek Cascades

Today I detoured off my planned hike and decided to get back to the cascades at Silver Creek with two fully charged batteries. Since I was well prepared I could spend a few hours with this little […]