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An Afternoon in the Garden

Due to a back injury I’ve been unable to get out and shoot but finally today I headed out to my garden to take some pics of the beautiful flowers that grow there. Whenever I’m […]


A Walk Up North

I was feeling antsy and ended up driving up north toting my camera with me. Just past the Kortright Centre I found an area with some great potential.It’s amazing on what you find but just […]


The Forks of the Credit

We headed out early that morning hoping to be at the Forks just before sunrise, which was estimated at 5:43am. I managed to get out of bed at 4am and headed out to meet the […]


Backyard Flowers

With all the flowers in the full bloom I found myself taking pictures in the early evening. Now I’ve done this many times and really they are the same flowers, pretty much. So I uploaded […]


Albion Falls

Today I headed in Hamilton and decided to check out Albion Falls. With very sketchy directions I found a parking lot that had some potential in getting me to the waterfall. As I wandered down […]


Backyard creatures

I spent the day on the patio. Not much to do on a lazy Sunday when you can’t move much. My cat has taught me how to just sit around all day and not feel […]


Owen Sound: Inglis Falls

About mid day I was getting antsy, so I jumped in my car and headed north. I turned into the parking lot and found one of the last spots. Not just 10 steps from the […]


Hilton Falls: Back again

Another no destination day and here I was back at Hilton Falls. I decided to try getting some shots of myself with the waterfall in the background. Here is one of the pictures that turned […]


A Rainy Day Out

Jumping in my car with no real destination in mind I headed west than north through the town of Fergus. Driving east from Fergus I ended up in Bellwoods Conservation area. Here a a few […]