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Another day around the neighbourhood with the P and S

Getting home a little earlier than usual I decided to keep up the exploration of my neighbourhood. This time I headed the other direction toward my old grade school. Along the way I saw many […]


A walk around my home with my trusty P&S

Coming home from work I found myself restless to get out and take some pictures. So out of the house I went walking towards my old high school and heading to the community centre I […]


Alton Mill

Today found Pete and I venturing to Alton Mill. A partially restored mill that is now a haven for artists. Here is some of the machinery that we found inside.


The Short Road Trip

Being all cooped up in the house was driving me antsy so I jumped in my car and headed anywhere but here. I ended up in Milton close to the raptor sanctuary. I decided to […]


The Search for the Cheltenham Badlands

After a morning of playing squash and then feeding myself until I was so full I no longer had the urge to shoot, I forced myself into my car and headed to the Cheltenham Badlands. […]


Birthday Party

So a night on the town was had celebrating my friends birthday and what a time we had! Here is me all prepped and ready to go.My best friends and I about midway through the […]


Thanksgiving Day

A couple friends and I headed to Orangeville to shoot Scott’s Falls. We had previously trekked this way back in May when all was newly green. Now in the midst of the fall colours we […]