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Meanwhile Back at the Ranch

Okay it is more of a farm than a ranch but this place is one I like to visit a couple times a year – Scottsdale Farm. There is always new and interesting things to […]


Toronto Botanical Gardens & Orchid Show

Galina picked me up from my home today in the middle of a snow squall to take us down to a special outing at the Toronto Orchid Show. We left a little earlier to allow […]


Mystery of the Missing Mount

I was with my friend getting our gear ready to do some long exposures and there it was. Or really, there it wasn’t. The mount for my tripod was not attached to my camera. Where […]


Warm Day on Hamilton Mountain

With more warm temps and melting snow it was a challenge to hike today. The trail was mostly ice but my new purchase kept me from slipping and sliding – YakTrax pro was a lifesaver. […]


The Slippery Slope

After a couple of days of snow temperatures here are now on the rise which means that today was a great day to enjoy some warm weather on Hamilton Mountain (and also that the snow […]


In Search of Mills

Snow has finally arrived! Course now its super messy outside on the roads but that didn’t deter my friend Nigel and I to grab our cameras and head northward. The goal today was to check […]


Christmas Decorations

The Christmas tree finally went up today – yes I know it’s later than most people put up their tree but that’s how we roll here. Once everything was in place and before it got […]


Blue Mountains

With temperatures in the mid teens today I decided to head up to the Blue Mountains to finish off the few kilometres I had left in this section. This part of the trail offers stunning […]


Revisiting Tiffany Falls

I’ve been to Tiffany Falls a couple of times this year and there has always been very little water coming over the edge. On my visit this morning it was a little bigger and certainly […]