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Stormy Mornings and the Bruce Trail

On Friday night my friend Kayla and I arrived at the Cyprus Lake campground for a weekend away from the city. As soon as we had the tents and tarp up the rain started to […]


Mulmer Hills

Today I spent a lot of time focusing on the plants along the trail while hiking in Mulmer Hills. With rain finally soaking the area lately the mushrooms have made their appearance and you know […]


Boyne River

Previously I had finished hiking through the Boyne Valley Provincial Park which meant today I would be hiking along the Boyne River until I hit Mulmer Hills just north of the park. After climbing over […]


Misty Day in the Park

Overnight we had a very showy thunderstorm . After a short-lived show the thunder and lightning made its way out of the area and we were left with rain interspersed with drizzle which lasted into […]


A Hot Day in Arrowhead Provincial Park

Today the temperatures soared into the 30s with the humidity. A storm was on the way and it hung heavy in the air. It made for a fairly lazy day but then again where did […]


Evening on Arrowhead Lake

Today my friend Michelle and I headed up to Arrowhead Provincial Park for our annual camping trip. Normally I bring all my gear but never actually try to get photographs but this time we were […]


Sunrise at Craigleith

My night on the campsite was, well, let’s just say uncomfortable. The highway is very close and traffic was fairly consistent along it. That along with a fairly strong wind that moved my tent around […]


A Night at Craigleith Provincial Park

I had some business to get done in Flesherton and figured instead of driving the two-hour long drive home I would spend the night camping at Craigleith Provincial Park. It was my first visit to […]


Halfway Log Dump

Getting out of bed at 3:45am always seems like the worst idea when the alarm goes off but with sunrise waiting for us I had to drag my butt out of bed. Rousing the team […]