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Strange Clouds

Today was another day on the trail and as I drove up to the start of the trail I noticed strange cloud formations as some rain made its way through the area. It didn’t seem […]


Feeling Sorry for Food

I was couped up for too long today so I took a break out in the backyard for some fresh air. As I pulled open the screen door I noticed this moth(?) fly from the […]


Miniature Worlds

Today I was hiking the Bruce Trail near the Kimberley area and my focus was on the miniature worlds that are sometimes forgotten on our hikes. As always there are some mushrooms but also a […]


Mushrooms of Scottsdale Farm

If you’ve been out shooting with me or even read this blog you know that I am fascinated by mushrooms. So, that means whenever I’m out hiking I’m always on the lookout for this diverse […]


Field of Dreams

A third day on the trail in Beaver Valley offered different views than my more recent hikes. A good portion of the hike was along a narrow path in a meadow filled with wildflowers. Living in […]


Stars & Fireflies

My friend Brad Quarrington of Brad Quarrington Photography invited me up north for a last minute shoot. Our subject for the evening – fireflies!! We were heading to a household close to Flesherton that has […]


Play Me a Song

Still stuck indoors I had to come up with a photograph and I was out of ideas. As the evening drew to a close I frantically came up with a plan to do something with […]


Whose Afraid of a little Stick?

We took our time getting our butts out of bed this morning but we finally did. As we finished up our yummy omelettes with spinach and goat cheese I happened to come across a Dog-day […]


Insect Hunting

Max and I went out this morning to hunt down some insects. I was pretty stoked to get out to test my macro skills and Max was nice enough to lend me his 105mm macro […]