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Warm Day on Hamilton Mountain

With more warm temps and melting snow it was a challenge to hike today. The trail was mostly ice but my new purchase kept me from slipping and sliding – YakTrax pro was a lifesaver. […]


The Slippery Slope

After a couple of days of snow temperatures here are now on the rise which means that today was a great day to enjoy some warm weather on Hamilton Mountain (and also that the snow […]


Hamilton Mountain

Today is another day of warm weather and a perfect day to get my butt on the trail before the weather turns cold. Today’s destination, Hamilton Mountain. I parked at a small park on the […]


Blue Mountains

With temperatures in the mid teens today I decided to head up to the Blue Mountains to finish off the few kilometres I had left in this section. This part of the trail offers stunning […]


Eerily Quiet

Since I had been stopped by the river on Sunday I decided to park on the north side of it and hike down to the river. I had stopped by a friend’s place to have […]


A Hint of Snow

Off of New Mountain Road on 3rd line is a small parking area for Bruce Trail hikers. Getting my pack on and my walking stick at the ready I headed southward to hook up with […]


Revisiting Tiffany Falls

I’ve been to Tiffany Falls a couple of times this year and there has always been very little water coming over the edge. On my visit this morning it was a little bigger and certainly […]


Grimsby Mountain

With the threat of rain coming in from the north I decided to head south and walk the trails on Grimsby Mountain. The path first takes you around a viewing tower used for the spring […]


Back to Pretty River

Back in July I walked through the majority of Pretty River Provincial Park before I was defeated by the hills. This park contains the highest point along the Bruce Trail. Today I was determined to […]