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The Arrival

Autumn colours have finally arrived in my home town. I took a late afternoon trip to Claireville Conservation Area to get some photographs of this spectacular season. Some areas of the park still seem more […]


Birds of a Feather…

Nigel and I headed out today in search of Sandhill Cranes. We stopped at a roadside marsh were previously sandhill cranes were spotted nesting. As we wandered the area in search of them we came across […]


Drive to Toby Part Two

After a great morning hitting some photo spots our afternoon was just as full with our next stop being Spirit Rock. The historical “Corran” was the home of Alexander McNeill, a Federal member of Parliament from […]


Parks Along the Shoreline

Max and I went on tour of a few parks along the Lake Ontario shoreline. Our first stop was a park in the Pickering area which I’ve forgotten the name of. This is why I […]


Sparrows of Claireville

Okay, so it was time to go back for another visit to Claireville today. This time I entered the conservation area from the north side rather than the east side just to see if there […]


Birding at Claireville

I was told that there were bird feeders in certain cares of the Claireville Conservation Area so today was the day I was going to find these hidden places. Okay so, they were not so […]


Along the River

My friend Dave and I headed over to Smokey Hollow Falls this morning. Having been here numerous times before I wanted to work on more detail shots of the river rather than focusing on the […]


After the Leaves Fall

Today I went back to Claireville Conservation Area to see what Mother Nature has been up to for the last couple weeks. Last time I was here the leaves were still on the trees but […]


Unexpected Surprises in Claireville

I took a bit of break from shooting since Thanksgiving but today was my day off from work and I wanted to get some last minute shots of the autumn colours before a predicted windstorm […]