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Family Camping Weekend – Awenda PP

It’s that time of year again – Family & Friends Camping Weekend. Our annual trek to a nearby provincial park to catch up with family and friends as we get silly, take photos, hit the […]


A Dusting

I woke up this morning and decided that since the icy world had yet to melt away for good I had to do some exploring a little further north. My initial thought was to head […]


Autumn in Awenda

I woke up this morning with inspiration to get my butt in my car and head north to Awenda Provinical Park to get another Autumn fix. It was overcast and pretty much stayed that way for […]


Trails at Mara and McRae Point

Before I left the Coldwater area for the weekend I thought I would visit a couple other provincial parks. Both Mara and McRae Provincial Parks are located within 30 minutes of Bass Lake Provincial Park were […]



On my way home from Bala a few weeks ago I stopped in at a small town called Coldwater. From the age of 8 until my mid-twenties my parents had a cottage just north of […]


Night at Presqu’ile Campgrounds

During our annual family and friends camping trip, my friend, Deanna and I were able to get away for an hour to get some fun night shots. Our campsites were in walking distance of the shore […]


Headed East

Nigel and I headed northeast of the city today to explore a little waterfall called Fourth Chute. We had many stops along the way but I wanted to share a couple of the photos of […]


Easy Mornings

With the lack of clouds yesterday we were a little slower to get up this morning for sunrise but I wanted to make sure we wouldn’t sleep in just in case it was perfect weather. […]


Pertroglyphs Provincial Park

Getting up early to photograph the sunrise we were once again presented with a cloudless sky. Luckily we didn’t venture to far and had decided to photograph the sunrise steps away from our door. Today’s plan […]